Who we are?

The editorial team of Page3.pk is based in Karachi, Pakistan. We have a longstanding documentary tradition since 2009. For questions about this project you can contact us anytime at admin@page3.pk.

The Page3.pk project: discovering Pakistan through local eyes.

Page3.pk is a national collective of civil video journalists, photographers, students and professional filmmakers. The Page3.pk correspondents make personal video or pictorial reports from where they live on a variety of issues and themes. At the moment we work with few film makers, video bloggers and photographers all across Pakistan.

Each month we make a trip around the nation on one single issue. On topics such as obesity and the lives of teenager, to justice, outcasts and cultures, we will present to you one new ‘national view’ every month. By comparing these stories from across the nation we discover surprising differences and similarities between people and cultures nationwide.

Page3.pk is an independent project of E2Z Solutions Pakistan. You can also donate in this national cause, contact us for details. All rights reserved by E2ZSOL.