The most talked about celebrity couple, Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt are set to pair-up for Moomal Entertainment’s upcoming drama serial titled Baandi.
The couple will be seen in signature drama serial Baandi which is being written by Asma Nabeel, one of the most high rated writers of recent time and directed by Syed Ahmed Kamran, who has done numerous projects including Libas, Digest Writer, Chemistry and currently on-aired drama Zun Mureed, to his credit.
The story of the drama revolves around a 17 year old innocent girl Meeru, who suffers atrocities just because she is born in a low-labour class. It takes us on a journey of a girl who goes through the worst of worst situations to find a place for herself.
The other cast includes Hina Dilpazeer, Nauman Masood, as of now.
Asma, the writer of Baandi shares, “This project is very close to my heart. The subject which we are catering through this drama is very sensitive, which will raise many questions and attempt to answer them.”
Asma’s currently on-aired drama titled Khaani, starring Feroze Khan and Sana Javed in leading roles, is being highly appreciated by audiences. She further adds that she cannot reveal much about Baandi for now but the only aspect she would like to highlight through it is that Ghulams and Baandis time is over.

Rafay Rashdi, managing partner at Moomal Entertainment says, “The major focus in our dramas are mostly on relationships, but Moomal is trying to change this perception. We are trying to cater such social issues which have been prevailing in our society from quite a time, but unfortunately we oversee them. Baandi will depict the lives of labor class, their issues, how they get exploited and tortured.”
Aiman and Muneeb were last seen together in Zindaan and seeing their growing chemistry on social media, audiences are waiting to see them back on screen again.