Not only for those that are looking for the best hotels in Pakistan. We are assuming you’re already well aware of them and even if you’re not, keep reading on.

Getting the best value for the price you pay, should be a top priority. And if not let us help you in visualizing why it should be.

When it comes to booking a hotel, the reasons aren’t always the same. Guests could be on a business trip, visiting family, on a honey moon or be it making memories with a group of friends. Perhaps workaholics wanting to avail that perfect break with their family and kids. That ought to be for the deserved earned leaves no?!

Luxury comes with a price and the options to choose from are ample when it comes to hotel booking. The top hotels in Pakistan that come to mind are PC hotels. Extending their chain of hotels throughout the country.

One for perfect impressions! PC Lahore has been accommodating guests with their requirements, needs and wants. That too more than asked for. We’re talking customized services!

If you’re someone with a taste for desserts, some subtle music alongside, comfortable surroundings and maybe in the mood to play some piano, head over to PC Hotel Rawalpindi.

The city of lights features its own version of the popular hotel chain. Even if the amenities offered are present in all their hotels, each city has highlighted its own features.

The hotels have been helping tourists explore more than what they already know. Guests and foreigners when visiting Pakistan want to discover leisure sites. But they hardly are aware of it

Tourism in Pakistan has been gaining a lot of recognition in the past few months. Safety measures are being adopted in order to improve current situation and overall travel industry of Pakistan. It is evident enough.

If we consider Pearl Continentals partnership with Jovago, all of the 9 destinations in Pakistan with their hotels are open for planning your stay online, through the convenience of our website, just a few clicks away!

For instance, PC Hotel Karachi features plenty of options when it comes to dine-in, business centers and conference facilities are ample, reason why most big events would be happening at hotels you already know about. Why do you know about these hotels again? Point to consider

If we look beyond big names, consider the Shangrila Resort Skardu, red trees, mesmerizing landscapes with mountains and lake views. The typical response at first sight is ‘This can’t be Pakistan’, but it is.

From lake side cottages with beautiful sceneries to the presidential suites where you could get premium services, it’s all about availing maximum quality here.

The prices for these hotels, may not be pocket friendly. But with great price comes great value and that’s what the previously featured hotels showcase.

Avari Lahoreanother hotel that has made a name for itself and provides customers with their renown services. Bird’s eye view of the town can be witnessed with the best dine-in facilities. Perfect for arranging those get together’s and brunches!