Geo Films & Talisman Animation Studios have officially released the new song “Allah Meherbaan” of their animated movie “The Donkey King” on October 15th, 2018.


A film by Aziz Jindani, the architect of the success of Pakistan’s first and most popular animated super hero series for a leading antibacterial soap brand, The Donkey King has proven to be a fun-filled watch for all ages, with its upbeat songs and catchy dialogues. The new song “Allah Meherbaan To Gadha Pehalwan” has all the ingredients that make up a melodious political satire.


The lyrics are penned by the multi-talented Aziz Jindani and the musical genius Asrar, who is also the singer of this merry number. The music is by Shani Arshad, who has crafted music for and with some of the biggest musical acts of this country. The mood is set for a Qawalli, with the singer’s words depicted as the nation’s voice; this song is set in a public area where the inhabitants of Azad Nagar are singing of their misfortune. Great thing about this song is that it takes the topic of water shortage, electricity breakdown and economical unrest in consideration without losing its humorous element. They hit the right notes talking about the lack of “Roti, Kapra and Makaan”. Allah Meherbaan very smartly sums up the entire political situation of Pakistan in 3 minutes.