Yes! it happened in Karachi. The reunion of Junoon Band (Ali Azmat, Salman Ahmed and Brian O’Connell) is some what dream come true for Salman Ahmed and many others. 25th December 2018 will remain memorable day due to this fantastic gathering of Junoon’s Sufi and Patriotic songs lovers. More than 10,000 Karachites were attended the concert. Never witness such an amazing Concert in Pakistan before. Standards of entertainment is as equal to Dubai or any other countries concert, hats off to the organizers for that.

Venue and specially the stage for concert is very well designed. Huge audience was start pouring in as early as 3 hours before the concert and security did fantastic job to properly manage the crowd. Sound system and stage lights were hi-tech to further enhance the experience. Animations which played on gigantic SMD Screens were out of this world. What are great finish of greatest Junoon’s concert with International standard fireworks. team covered the event and wish to have more such events in Pakistan on regular basis.