As an underground natural chamber on the side of a hill or cliff formed due to erosion and dissolution of rocks, cave tends to carry an aura of mystery. From serving as a shelter and food storage to being used as a prayer site, these shadowy openings have a history that dates way before the inception of humans.

The alluring nature of these caves attracts humans because they like mysterious things. Throughout the various taciturn of history, man has tried to discover and explore these alluring gifts of nature. This is one reason why caves have emerged as one of the leading tourist destinations among extreme adventure lovers.

If caves are what allure you then imagine a city which is full of caves. You must be thinking that we are out of our mind, but hold your horses. Keep calm and read this exclusive article by Jovago Pakistan to know all about this mysterious yet actual cave city in Pakistan which has emerged as one of the tourist destinations.


Near the Bela city in Balochistan, which is the largest province of Pakistan, lies the mountainous region of Gondrani. It is located at a distance of 200 km from Karachi and is basically an archeological site. In order to reach this tourist site, one has to travel through a gravel road from Bela city which heads towards a small stream that is surrounded by caves of Shehr-e-Roghan.


The caves of Gondrani date back to the 7th century A.D. However, archaeologists are still not able to find the origin of these mysterious caves, due to several different myths revolving around it. Many people believe that the caves of Gondrani were carved by the Buddhists who ruled over the area at that time.

Popular names

Gondrani is also known as Shehr-e-Roghan, Cave City of Lasbella, Cave Dwellings of Gondrani, House of the Spirits; its nickname being the cave city of Pakistan.


The Gondrani caves are small in size and therefore, visitors can easily touch their ceilings. They are carved on the inner sides of the mountains, which contain pebble type rocks. Due to the surrounding streams flowing by, some of the caves are so high on the water content that they have water plants that are actually hanging.

So what are you waiting for? Go about exploring the cave city of Pakistan to get a thrilling experience that can serve as a reminder of the splendid time you had. Do not forget to share your experience with us in the comments section below.